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The world’s largest online businesses choose Bango

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Our Business Model

The Bango business model is centred around finding new ways to grow end user spend (EUS). This attracts merchants and payment providers – such as telcos – to cross over to the Bango Platform, bringing more end user spend and generating more payment data.

Our Business Model
Bango's Business Model

2020 Financial Results

Revenue*, up 70% from £7.2M
Adjusted EBITDA, grew 16x from £0.3M
Net Profit, now positive. Up from £2.3M loss
Cash position, up 115% from £2.7M. No borrowings.
* Adjusted to exclude discontinued operations

Investment Proposition

Virtuous circle strategy

Synergistic business model, with each side powering the other


Generated 56% CAGR over the past 6 years

Strong market drivers

Operating within structurally growing markets, driven by the continuing move to mobile commerce


Able to grow without additional capital

Strong balance sheet

High margin business. Additional revenue drops straight to the bottom line. No borrowings.

Financial Calendar

Investor Contacts

Rebecca Jamieson

Head of Investor Relations


Bango Registrar

Questions on the administration of shareholdings, such as lost/damaged share certificates, change of ownership or address etc should be directed to Equiniti.

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