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Bango is ISO27001 compliant

Bango is certified as ISO27001 compliant. What does this mean?

Having gained our certification in May 2022, here we give a quick overview of what it means for us and our customers.

What is ISO27001?

ISO27001 allows you to manage security risks by implementing controls that cover the governance of your organization, technology, physical locations and people.

A globally recognized standard, ISO27001 outlines the necessary criteria for establishing an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is a framework of policies, processes and procedures that helps an organization to identify, assess, and manage their information and cyber security risks.

Why get ISO27001 certified?

ISO27001 certification is independent, third-party verification that the Bango Information Security Management System (ISMS) complies with the requirements of the ISO27001 standard and is following international best practices.

Bango pursued ISO27001 certification as a demonstration of our dedication to customer trust, data security and operational excellence.

What are the benefits of obtaining ISO27001 certification?

There are numerous advantages to implementing an ISMS and achieving ISO27001 certification:

  1. Minimized data breach risk: An ISMS built on ISO27001 principles helps in identifying and mitigating information security risks, reducing chances of expensive data breaches.
  2. Increased customer trust: Achieving ISO27001 certification signals to customers that an organization prioritizes information security. Many contracts require such certifications so this opens up sales opportunities and available market share.
  3. Enhanced regulatory compliance: ISO27001 certification serves as a basis to demonstrate compliance with various security regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  4. Heightened employee awareness: Implementing an ISMS based on ISO27001 increases employee awareness regarding information security, helping to mitigate accidental data breaches.
  5. Increased confidence and credibility: Certification from an independently verified body by government-appointed accreditation bodies ensures the organization’s ISMS is effectively implemented, providing assurance that our security measures are robust.

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