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Proactive video: Uber One enters the Bango Digital Vending Machine®

Uber One enters partnership with Bango and the Olympic opportunity for SVOD services

Bango CEO Paul Larbey gives Proactive an update on recent news and industry insights, including:

  • The new partnership with Uber to expand its Uber One membership program using the Bango Digital Vending Machine® (DVM)
  • The growing diversity of subscription services available with the DVM
  • How the DVM allows subscription services to connect once and access multiple sales channels, rapidly scaling their reach
  • Bango’s latest report – Sports Video-On-Demand, “Going for Gold” – exploring consumer spending patterns and the high demand for streaming sports subscriptions
  • The opportunity from major sporting events to create desirable bundles that capture surges in consumer consumption

Read the press release – Uber joins the Digital Vending Machine® from Bango to drive membership growth through Super Bundling

Download the free Bango report, “Going for Gold: SportsVOD – Setting New Records

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