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Bango Business Model

The technology behind every payment choice

The Bango business model is centred around finding new ways to monetize payment data by:


Powering the use of alternative payments

Bango technology connects global merchants (Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc) with payment providers, allowing the end customer to purchase their goods/services using an alternative payment method. An alternative payment method is anything other than a credit card, i.e. carrier billing, mobile wallets, subscription bundling etc.


Utilizing the data we collect to provide marketers with a more accurate targeting method

Bango is able to repackage the data we collect from processing £2B+ of payments into ‘Audiences’ of users we know are paying for a similar product or service. Customers, primarily app developers at present, select the type of audience they wish to target – perhaps people who play strategy games in Indonesia – and Bango creates the relevant audience of paying users. We then share this in the app developer’s social media marketing campaign (Facebook/Tik Tok etc), meaning no data is ever shared with the customer.

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