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Bango Business Model

The technology behind every payment choice

The Bango business model is centred around finding new ways to monetize payments by:


Powering the use of alternative payments to reach more paying users

Bango technology connects global merchants (Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc) with payment providers, allowing the end customer to purchase their goods/services using an alternative payment method. An alternative payment method is anything other than a credit card, e.g. a telco bill, a mobile wallets, a utility bill, subscription bundling etc.

Bango charges a percentage of End User Spend (EUS) for processing these payments.


Using the data we collect to provide marketers with a more accurate targeting method

Bango repackages the data we collect from processing billions of dollars of payments into ‘Audiences’ of users that pay for a similar product or service. Customers, primarily app developers, select the type of audience they wish to target – perhaps people who play strategy games in Indonesia – and Bango creates the relevant audience of paying users.

The app developer pays a fee to use this audience in a social media marketing campaign (Facebook, Tik Tok etc).

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