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Bango Business Model

The technology behind every payment choice

The Bango business model is focused on helping merchants and payment providers find, acquire and retain more paying customers. We do this by:


Providing the technology that enables merchants to sell more subscription products through partnerships with service providers, like telcos.

Bango ‘Digital Vending Machine’ technology is fast becoming the industry standard for how merchants acquire more paying customers through partnerships with telcos and other consumer service providers (e.g. utility companies, employee benefits providers). The DVM enables these service providers, to offer merchant subscriptions bundled with their own first-party services. These service providers have trusted billing relationships with millions of subscribers, which is hugely valuable to merchants looking for new customers. Merchants bring exciting content that helps these service providers differentiate their first party services, increase customer lifetime value & retention and boost revenue.

Subscription products from market leaders including Netflix, Amazon and HBO through to Xbox, Peleton, Duolingo and Calm, are today available from telcos across the world via the Bango Digital Vending Machine. The world’s biggest communications companies including Verizon, T-Mobile, BT and Optus use the Digital Vending Machine to offer, launch and manage dozens of subscriptions.


Powering the use of alternative payments to reach more paying users

Bango helps online merchants acquire more paying users. One of the ways Bango does this is by connecting global merchants (Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many others) with payment providers, allowing consumers to purchase goods and services with the payment method of their choice. Bango powers over 100 payment methods including mobile phone bills, digital wallets, utility bills, subscription bundling and new methods yet to be deployed.


Using the data collected from processing billions of dollars of transactions to provide marketers with a way to target ads at people who pay.

Bango packages the data it collects from processing billions of dollars of payments for digital & physical goods, as well as subscription services, into ‘Audiences’ of users that pay for similar products or services. Marketers select the segment of paying user they wish to target – perhaps people who play strategy games, buy music or simply people who are frequent spenders – and Bango creates a specific Audience of users who meet that profile, based on the payment data processed by the Bango Platform. Bango applies the Audience to the customer’s digital marketing campaign via social media platforms such as Facebook & TikTok.

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