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Where people subscribe 

Bango operates in a large, growing market.

Bango enables content providers around the world to maximize their revenues by offering their subscription products and services as bundled offers, via telcos and other resellers.

The subscriptions market is estimated to reach $600B by 2026[2], driven by an increasing variety of subscription services moving beyond music, games and movies to all aspects of our lives.

Analysts estimate that today about 20% of (telco) subscriptions are activated by consumers through these offers and bundles. That share is expected to grow to between 25% and 50%, depending on geography[1]. Consequently, in a few years over $150B of subscription spending will be delivered through these partner channels.

This is the market the Bango Digital Vending Machine® (DVM) serves.

Subscription bundling market

$600B market value in 2026 [2]
4.2B market volumes in 2026 [2]
25% subscriptions delivered via telco bundles in 2028 [1]

Forces impacting the subscription market:

Content providers that offer services via subscriptions have two routes to market:

  1. “direct” – the subscriber/consumer interacts directly and exclusively with the content provider;
  2. “indirect” – where the subscriber/consumer relationship – typically payment, offers, customer service or service levels – is managed by a “channel” or “reseller”.

Bundling is when third-party subscription services are offered to consumers indirectly and alongside a resellers first-party product or service. For example, telcos offer subscriptions services like storage, security or entertainment packages alongside their connectivity services,  e.g. Vodafone can offer Netflix alongside its own services as part of a bundled package.

Super bundling, a term first established by Bango but now widely adopted, describes an emerging form of this bundling business model. In super bundling, a portal or marketplace offered by a reseller offers multiple subscriptions services in a single place/portal. This is sometimes called a Subscription Hub or Subscriptions Marketplace.

Examples include Optus SubHub, Verizon +Play and the recently launched EE Marketplace. Super bundling provides value to consumers by concentrating all of their subscription activity in a single user experience. For content providers and resellers, it generates valuable customer data about purchasing patterns and preferences. By understanding individual customer preferences / behaviors, channels can tailor offers to provide a more personalized experience.

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