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Corporate Governance

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The Bango Board

The Bango Board of Directors is responsible for the overall strategy for Bango, promoting shareholder interests and overseeing the delivery of long-term objectives. The Board provides support to the Bango management team, bringing experience and skills to complement those of management. The Board has a formal list of matters specifically reserved for its decisions and delegates authority to its various committees as required.

QCA Compliant

The Board has adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance Code, which it believes is a good fit to the nature, stage and size of the business of Bango and the sector in which it operates. The QCA Code principles support the core aims of Bango – to deliver innovative, reliable products in a dynamic, collaborative environment, achieving sustainable growth for all stakeholders.

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An index of the location of all disclosures made by Bango as required under the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code can be found here: QCA website disclosures

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