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Strategy for Growth

Where people subscribe 

Driving future growth

The Bango vision is to be where people subscribe. Bango has a strategic growth plan that leverages our leadership in the fast growing subscriptions economy, which is expected to see consumer spending reaching $600Bn by 2026 (Juniper, 2023). By focusing on enabling content providers to easily bundle subscription services through partnerships with telecommunications companies and similar businesses, Bango positions itself at the heart of this market trend

With a business model that is scalable, high margin and profitable, Bango benefits from the continuous shift to a subscriptions economy.

To maintain high rates of growth, Bango focuses on:

  • Winning more Digital Vending Machine customers (e.g. telcos) on a SaaS license basis, which increases annual recurring revenue (ARR).
  • Bringing more digital subscription content providers into the Bango Digital Vending Machine, which drives more consumer spending activity.
  • Investing in R&D to develop Bango technology, and in people to support, sell and market products
  • Establishing partnerships to market and sell the propositions.

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Products and services are increasingly offered to consumers in the form of a subscription. The revenue predictability is highly attractive to content providers, and consumers tend to engage more broadly when the cost of the service is fixed. Across every retail segment, subscriptions are appearing, and beyond retail, large areas of spending in transportation, health, and financial services, are moving to subscriptions as well.

Increasingly, telcos (as well as other ‘utility’ service companies) are using the appeal of consumer subscription services – particularly in entertainment and lifestyle – to attract and retain customers. Previously, one or two subscription services were offered, but a growing number of telcos are focusing on meeting consumer demand for more subscription services by aiming to become the single platform to help consumers manage those subscriptions.

The Bango Digital Vending Machine® (DVM) enables the world’s leading telcos – including Verizon, T-Mobile, BT & Liberty Global – to offer their customers dozens of subscription services bundled with their own first-party services. These leaders power growth for Bango by moving the market in the direction of ‘super bundling’ and by positioning Bango technology as the de-facto standard powering this business. In addition, these telcos act as a ‘content provider magnet’, bringing additional content provider relationships to the Bango Digital Vending Machine. Once a content provider is integrated to the DVM, any telco connected to Bango can then offer these services to their own customers, driving additional growth.

Growth in this business is generated by onboarding new DVM customers and by existing customers moving up through the license fee tiers. Each time a consumer subscribes to a service through a Bango DVM powered offer, this uses up one “entitlement”. In this way, a single consumer subscribing to many services through the DVM will use up multiple entitlements, boosting the revenue Bango captures from the subscriptions market.

Using unique data insights generated by the Bango Platform, Bango helps DVM customers acquire new subscribers more quickly, scaling them through the entitlement tiers faster. For example, knowing a consumer spends money in a basketball game, means they are a good target for an NBA subscription offer; knowing a consumer already has Netflix, Disney & HBO Max indicates that offering them a music streaming service rather than another TV/Movies service is more likely to be successful.

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