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What App-ocalypse, I hear you ask?

There have been seismic changes in the world of app developer marketing during the past 12 months. The most high profile of these was the restriction of AD ID tracking data by Apple (which will be followed by Google soon).

Taking a step back, it’s important to highlight how app developers were marketing to understand why these changes are so high impact. App developers, particularly gaming app developers, are under continuous pressure to acquire new paying users. The retention rate on a casual gaming app, for example, is just 31% after 1 day of use. That doesn’t bode well for capturing long-term paying users, and means spending money on user acquisition never stops…

Other than using demographic data or Facebook ‘like’ data, app developers were heavily reliant on Apple AD ID data to find new users. This data meant users could be tracked from one app to the next, meaning you could see what apps they were interested in spending time on and therefore take a reasonable guess that they might be interested in spending time on your app as well.

Suddenly, the availability of this tracking data was effectively switched-off, and app developers were at a loss for a reliable way to target their ads and find their audience of new users.

Step in – Bango Audiences. In reality, the desired audience is paying users, not just interested users. It’s hard to monetize casual users, developers really want users that are prepared to spend money. By using Bango Audiences, we can point app developers straight to the users with a proven propensity to spend in similar apps. Follow the money….

This week, we launched a new marketing campaign to raise the profile of Bango Audiences and highlight this exact point to app developers. The campaign is titled the App-ocalypse and features a comic strip depicting disruption to the digital marketing space rendering paying users unreachable, until – at last – a solution is found, Bango Audiences! You can find the campaign here.

This campaign follows-on from our 2021 “Bored to Death” and “The Worst Ad” campaigns. Previous campaigns have set out to raise the profile of Bango in ad tech, and to position Purchase Behavior Targeting as a critical technology for the digital advertising industry. This campaign sharpens the focus onto our target customer base of app developers.

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