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Technology and content combine through Bango for global media opportunity

The Bango ecosystem continues to grow globally as more business join to ‘Be Where You Thrive!’ This week, Bango announced two new partnerships that increase the breadth of content available to consumers and advance the technology partners rely on to bring entertainment services to their customers. Let’s take a closer look at what these partnerships mean for Bango customers.

EPIC ON is a streaming TV service from the IN10 Group, one of India’s leading media and entertainment businesses, is adopting the Bango Platform to expand its global presence. Its service is aimed at the “Indian Diaspora” – approximately 20 million people of Indian origin living abroad, the largest such population living outside its country of origin. In the United States alone, the Indian origin population grew by nearly 40% in the past 6 years (all figures from NRI Online). Similarly the USA is home to 2.5 million South Koreans, about the same number of Chinese that have moved to the USA, the largest country for the 10M Chinese living outside of PRC. This EPIC ON relationship is therefore of similar weight to the announcement earlier this month that On Demand Media will use the Bango Platform to offer its Korean and Chinese media content globally. Each of these providers package-up a range of TV, movie and other entertainment subscriptions for users globally, who speak these languages and enjoy content that originates in those countries, much in the way Britbox packages British content for English-speakers around the world.

More content is becoming available to online users through these fixed price subscription services. Bango enables media merchants like IN10 and On Demand Media to get their services in front of more customers in a way that is easy to access and easy to pay for.

The rise of media subscriptions gives companies that connect users – mobile and fixed telephony companies, fiber and broadband providers in particular – attractive content to package with connectivity plans. The latest Bango announcement, a partnership with Evergent Inc – a Silicon Valley media tech business – gives telecommunications companies everything they need to resell and bundle entertainment services.

Evergent technology goes into the network to open-up the capabilities needed for a telco to operate as a subscriptions service provider. Bango technology integrates with the media merchant so that their content can be offered in bundles and packages. Additionally, Bango ensures that when users choose to continue from introductory offer to paid-up service, they can simply add the charge to their telco bill.

Together Bango and Evergent give telcos a complete solution to become a reseller of merchant services. Bango data insights enable customers to be offered the services that match their particular interests and spending habits. Through accurate matching of bundled offers against customer spending behavior, more customers try and buy.

Streaming video reaches over 1 billion consumers, generating revenue of $60 billion, growing at 9.5% CAGR (Statista). Technology and content combine through the Bango Platform to bring more consumers the services they want. Subscription services – with the recurring revenue these bring – are steadily increasing proportion of this business. These new partnerships – content and technology – brings Bango further towards our vision of becoming the technology behind every purchase choice.

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