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IN10 Media Network’s EPIC ON partners with Bango for global expansion

Bango has partnered with EPIC ON, the premium OTT platform by IN10 Media Network, to expand access to EPIC ON’s vast array of subscription based entertainment content into new regions.

Currently, focusing on global expansion, EPIC ON is a multiform content platform enabling users to Watch, Play, Listen, Read and engage with in innovative ways on a single app. Users can access its content on a monthly paid subscription basis. Under this agreement, EPIC ON will work with Bango to expand its global presence, growing its paying user base and opening up access to its wealth of content and services by offering customers alternative payment methods.

Payment providers from Latin America to EMEA can now offer their users the ability to subscribe to EPIC ON’s entertainment suite, using Bango Payment technology. Alternative payment methods including Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) and mobile wallets, enable the unbanked and those without a credit card to enjoy the full entertainment experience. The customer reach, simplicity and inclusiveness of alternative payment methods makes them a key method for engaging new subscribers for EPIC ON’s content.

By partnering with Bango, EPIC ON ensures that payment routes benefit from Bango Boost+ to maximize user acquisition and monetization. Bango Boost+ applies Bango data insights to identify users who are most likely to be interested in EPIC ON’s subscription based services. These insights help payment providers to target offers to users who are interested in paid entertainment services, ensuring customers are getting relevant offers and a higher percentage of users are monetized.

“We are happy to announce our partnership with Bango and building a strategic alliance that augments our growth plans across new regions. With EPIC ON’s mix of binge-worthy content offerings and seamless interactive user interface, combined with Bango’s data driven payment technology we are certain we will reach a wider audience segment across global markets.”

Sourjya Mohanty, COO at EPIC ON

“Bango is excited to work with EPIC ON to accelerate its customer acquisition and global expansion plans. Proven to grow OTT, subscription and payment performance, Bango Platform technology and payment provider partnerships will help drive EPIC ON’s strategy to make their premium content available and accessible to as many people as possible.”

Jim Plimmer, SVP Payment Product Strategy & Sales

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