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DocuBay partners with Bango to expand global reach

DocuBay VOD service joins the Bango circle

Bango has partnered with DocuBay, to distribute memberships for IN10’s international global VOD platform, DocuBay. Focused on high quality documentary content, DocuBay offers customers global membership to its Video-On-Demand platform.

Under this agreement, Bango Resale technology and partnerships will power DocuBay’s growth plans to increase availability to more audiences around the world, expanding its global presence and growing its user base.

Through this Bango partnership, telecommunications companies, retailers and other mass market consumer businesses can now offer their users bundled subscriptions to DocuBay’s entertainment suite, using Bango Resale technology. Bundling desirable products with first-party services creates powerful offers that attract and retain more customers.

DocuBay, the premium membership Video-On-Demand streaming service by IN10 Media Network, provides an exclusive catalog of documentaries in over 180 countries, in a wide variety of genres on several platforms and devices, including iOS / App Store, Android / Google Play Store , Apple TV and Fire TV, Roku, LG, Samsung TVs and through the DocuBay website.

Girish Dwibhashyam, Vice President – Strategy, DocuBay said, “The streaming business has seen a dramatic shift this year, with increased focus on expanding ways to reach the end consumer. DocuBay’s unique value proposition is waiting to be explored by millions of internet users worldwide, with its vast library of premium international documentary content which we believe is sure to see more uptake. We look forward to widening access to this valuable content through our partnership with Bango.”

Jim Plimmer, SVP Payment Product Strategy & Sales commented: “Building desirable content and service options is proven to make first party services more attractive and deepen engagement. Consumers get more choice, and for resale partners their own products become more attractive and sticky, it’s win-win. Bango is excited to work with DocuBay to take its documentary content to more people globally, especially important in the current climate.”

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