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Bango is Facebook official!

This month, Bango became an official Meta Business Partner (Meta is the recently rebranded parent company and owner of Facebook). This recognition marks Bango Audiences as a leader in user acquisition campaign targeting technology.

What is a Meta Business Partner?

Defined by Meta itself: “Meta Business Partners are companies Meta has vetted for their expertise. They have the experience to help grow your business – from running ads, to selling products, to engaging with your customers”.

Meta Business Partners are chosen for their trusted ability to deliver increased value for advertisers, whether that be through campaign management, creatives, or in the case of Bango Audiences, conversion. Obtaining the Meta Business Partner badge is affirmation of the exceptional return on investment Bango Audiences generate for our customers.

What does it mean for Bango?

Bango Audiences will now feature in Facebook’s partner directory. Where previously, Bango Audiences were a complementary addition to Facebook Ad Manager, they are now also an actively promoted and recommended addition. Advertisers searching on Facebook for a more effective way to target their campaigns will now find Bango Audiences as a suggested partner.

Bango is continuously working to diversify and deepen relationships with social media platforms to expand the reach of Bango Audiences. For example, last year, we worked with Byte Dance to enable the sharing of custom audiences through TikTok where previously no such feature existed.

Despite TikTok’s rapidly increasing popularity, Facebook continues to hold the largest share of app developer advertising spend. So, while we continue to build new relationships, we are also ensuring we deepen existing ones.

Pressure continues to mount on advertisers to generate better returns on their marketing investment, especially in an environment where the volume of available targeting data is decreasing. Bango’s purchase behavior targeting provides a compliant and more performant solution and one that now officially has the Facebook seal of approval.


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