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Bango benefits from app store choice

Changes made by Apple, widely reported last night, now officially permit developers selling through the App Store to use alternative ways to bill their customers. A developer can now charge users for in app purchases by credit card, bank transfer, wallet, carrier billing or any other alternative payment method reducing or eliminating app store commission.

This is positive news for Bango and its customers. Developers that have been restricted to payments through the App Store only can now take advantage of the Bango Payment Platform, which gives access to hundreds of different payment sources.

As developers start to monetize outside of the App Store, Bango expects greater demand for Bango Audiences as purchase behavior targeting becomes more important for direct marketing to users.

Commenting on the news, Bango CEO Paul Larbey said: “Choice in payments is a key reason why many leading developers such as Amazon, Spotify and Microsoft already use Bango to collect payments. Many of the thousands of app developers that use Bango Audiences for purchase behavior targeting to find paying users are already exploring how the Bango payment platform can help them benefit from this new freedom to bill outside of the App Store”.

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