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Annual General Meeting, May 22 – Changes to Arrangements

The following information explains how the Bango Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be run at 2pm on Friday, 22 May 2020. The original Notice of AGM is here.

The Board has been monitoring the measures put in place by the UK Government in response to COVID-19. These include the requirement for individuals to stay at home except for limited purposes, and a ban on gatherings.

The Board has therefore decided that the AGM will be held with the minimum necessary quorum of two shareholders present at the Bango offices, to conduct the business of the meeting. All shareholders are encouraged to vote in advance by proxy. The Board has also determined that, in the interests of public, employee and shareholder welfare, health and safety, the AGM will be held in this format even if the Government loosens lockdown before 22 May.

Unfortunately Bango cannot accommodate shareholders attending the AGM in person. Anyone trying to attend the AGM in person will not be admitted. All valid proxy votes on the proposed resolutions will be included in the votes to be taken at the meeting. The results of the AGM will be announced in the normal manner as soon as practicable following the AGM.

To protect those required to attend the AGM in person, the AGM will be reduced in length and limited to the formal business required, as set out in the Notice of AGM. Shareholders are invited to call in to the AGM to listen to proceedings of the meeting. Shareholders interested in registering for the call can do so by emailing no later than 2pm on Wednesday, 20 May 2020.  Please ensure you have proof of shareholding and identity available to register.

The Board welcomes engagement with its shareholders and those who have questions relating directly to the business of the AGM can forward their questions to the Company Secretary by emailing no later than 2pm on Wednesday, 20 May 2020.  Answers to these questions will be posted on as soon as practicable after the AGM.

Proxy Voting

Shareholders are encouraged to register their votes on the Resolutions of the AGM by completing and returning via email the proxy form that accompanied the Notice in accordance with the instructions printed on the proxy form.

Shareholders should appoint “The Chair of the meeting” as their proxy.  Please note the deadline for submitting proxies is 2pm on Wednesday, 20 May 2020.

Click here for the associated form of proxy and here for the explanatory notes.

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