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Announcement: Partnership with MMIT in Africa

Launch of M-Iflo, the payment verification portal, and solution to Africa’s complex mobile payment landscape

Bango announces a partnership with MMIT to launch M-Iflọ, a safe payment solution that enables online transactions for digital content. M-Iflọ navigates the complex mobile payment environment in Sub-Saharan Africa and is tailored to the needs of the industry leaders in mobile content.

MMIT is an African-based mobile payment software developer with a mission to revolutionize mobile money payment and transfers in Africa. The jointly developed M-Iflọ solution is a billing mechanism and verification portal for digital wallets, specifically designed to fit the cash-exchange culture of Africa. It offers reliability and security to app stores and digital merchants, providing millions of people in Africa with the ability to make mobile payments for apps, games and other smartphone content.

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