2016 Annual Report and Notice of AGM

Click here to download the Bango Annual Report 2016, click here for the Notice of Annual General Meeting (AGM), here for the associated form of proxy and here for the explanatory notes.

Click here to order a printed copy of the Bango 2016 Annual Report.

The Bango AGM will be held at 2pm on Wednesday 24 May 2017 at the offices of Bango, 5 Westbrook Centre, Cambridge, CB4 1YG.

Whenever a Director is proposed for re-election, the Bango board carefully considers a) the continuing value that Director brings to the board, b) their participation during the previous period serving on the board, c) for NEDs, the risk that a non-executive board member could lose their independence from the executive team having been a Director for a previous period – the so-called “Going native” problem.

Martin Rigby has been a Director of Bango PLC for 11 years. This is just over 9 years, the point after which a NED is thought, by some, to potentially exhibit impaired independence. A review of Martin’s contributions over the last year by two recently appointed Director’s indicated no signs of lack of independence. The basis for retaining Martin as a Director for a further two years is that he has extensive knowledge of the digital content market from an independent, “outsider” perspective, deep expertise in corporate governance, and a knowledge of the competitive landscape gained outside Bango that is very difficult to find elsewhere. The board therefore considers that a) Martin remains independent and b) in addition to this test of independence, his role as an independent Director would be valid because of the industry and governance values he brings to the board and stakeholders.

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Announcement: Final Results

Bango today announces its Final Results for the year ended 31 December 2016.

Read RNS announcement

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Bango Strategy Day

View a copy of the presentation slides used to support the Bango Strategy Day held in London, UK on 30 January, 2017.

Download here.

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“We’re just at the beginning of a really, really big opportunity” – Ray Anderson

Ray Anderson, Bango CEO sat down with Proactive Investors to discuss the growing market Bango operates in and how Bango technology is able to standardize payments across this vast landscape.

As the number of smartphone users increases quickly, and the traditional, first generation payment methods don’t expand to accommodate that, there’s that huge gap and that’s where Bango fits. We enable any of the merchants to hook into any new payment method that emerges to fill that gap. So, with billions of new users emerging, wanting to buy things from the global goliaths, whether that’s content, games and other services, we think the market ahead of us is huge so we want to get our share of billions of dollars of end user spend for our merchants”.

-Ray Anderson, CEO at Bango

Watch the full interview here.

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Bango Boost v2 “provides information that can’t be obtained anywhere else”

Bango CEO, Ray Anderson sat down with Andrew Scott at Proactive Investors to discuss the latest innovation from Bango.

Bango Boost v2 is an evolution of Bango Boost v1 which achieved significant success for operators by focusing on the causes of friction in payment routes. Expanding on this, Bango Boost v2 provides stores and merchants with unique comprehensive data analysis, including benchmarking performance, to enable stores and merchants to boost revenue growth and customer experience.

Watch the full interview here.


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PERL report “Bango: Positioned to capitalise on market growth”

Download the latest Progressive Equity Research report, covering the business model, competitive advantage and Bango’s favorable position to capitalize on the vast market opportunity.

“Long-term investment in technology gives Bango a considerable competitive advantage over first generation payment integrators. As volumes grow, Bango’s unique platform approach across multiple stores and in multiple markets generates spending data unavailable to payment integrators without its technology or market position. Consequently, stores, merchants and payment providers are increasingly benefitting by consolidating their activity through the Bango Payment Platform.”

-Progressive Equity Research Limited (“PERL”), 2017

Download “Bango: Positioned to capitalise on market growth

All forecasts contained within represent the views of Progressive Research, not of Bango or other analysts covering Bango.

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Announcement: Bango Boost version 2 released

Bango announces the launch of Bango Boost v2. Building on the MEFFY award-winning first release, Bango Boost v2 enables major stores and merchants to use predictive insights to:

  • Optimize marketing to increase spending on specific billing routes
  • Target offers at specific customer profile
  • Collaborate with operators to customize campaigns

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