Bango teach-in presentation

Bango today hosted a teach-in for institutional investors at Cenkos Securities in London. The presentation, which provides an overview of the advantages of Direct Operator Billing and the cycle of integrating app store and MNOs with the Bango Platform, can be viewed here.

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Bango completes full house in Canada with latest app store launch

AAAGoogle Play operator billing now live across Bell, Rogers and Telus

Bango announces that its platform is now powering Direct Operator Billing (DOB) for Google Play across the three main Canadian operators. Subscribers to the Bell, Rogers and Telus networks – which account for over 95% of all Canadian smartphone users – can now pay for content and services in Google’s app store directly through their pre and postpaid mobile accounts. Continue reading

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What does a Bango Partnership with Etisalat mean?

Bango made an exciting announcement today: We’ve signed an agreement with Etisalat, to deploy Direct Operator Billing across the group’s markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The established partnership between Bango and Etisalat has already seen DOB launched for users of BlackBerry World. This new agreement will deliver further app store integrations, beginning today with Google Play.

The agreement is important on a number of levels:

  1. The Middle East is an emerging and strategically valuable market. Device numbers across the region are expected to almost double this year, from 67 million in 2013 to 112.2 million in 2014 (IDC). These new smartphone consumers are young – 44% of the population is under 20 years old – and hungry for apps, music, games and other digital content. Content consumption and ARPU are both high. But this is a region in which some of the traditional online payment giants have struggled. What’s changing now is that Direct Operator Billing, which piggy-backs on the mass market of phone and phone bill rather than credit card, is proving to be an ideal enabler for mobile commerce.
  2. This is another example of how mobile network operator groups are standardizing on the Bango Payment Platform as “the gold standard” for payment from mobile devices. By plugging into Bango, these operators achieve an unrivalled speed to revenue, and access Bango’s range of human and infrastructure resources which deliver continuous availability. Bango is now established as the de facto leader in operator billing for app stores, partnering with Amazon, Google Play, BlackBerry World, Windows Phone Store and others, bringing one-click payment to hundreds of millions of consumers. Significantly, Bango’s market hardened platform is the result of more than 500 man years and sees continuous innovation. Initiatives by single operator groups to build similar solutions have tended to be complex, costly and time-consuming. Now the large operator groups are starting to choose Bango.
  3. This agreement shows how operators can effectively harness their network assets through selective partnerships. Many mobile network operators had their fingers burned in the early years of digital content. By opening up their networks to a wide range of low quality Premium SMS aggregators they were able to secure some revenue from digital content sales, but at the cost of unreliable connections, a poor consumer experience and occasional fraud from “mobile cramming”. The situation today is much healthier, as operators reject Premium SMS and instead focus on robust, “genuine” operator billing that uses direct API connections to place a charge on a phone bill. In this world, instead of taking a card number and billing through a card processor, Bango uses a phone number and processes the charge through the customer’s phone bill. Just as a few card processors deliver this first generation on-line payment service, in the mass market world of smart phones a specialist like Bango is able to deliver the technology, scale and cost efficiencies to enable mobile app stores to leverage carrier billed payments globally.


 As the smartphone base in the Middle East continues to grow, Bango will reach an ever-widening pool of consumers for one-click payment. This partnership with Etisalat will see further app store integrations in the months to come, and we’re proud to say that we now have more than 130 direct operator connections in place globally.

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AGM Statement

Bango, will hold its Annual General Meeting at 2pm today, 28 May 2014, at Bango’s headquarters at 5 Westbrook Centre, Milton Road, Cambridge, CB4 1YG. At the AGM Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango, will provide the following update:

Expansion of commercial partnerships with MNOs

At the time of the Group’s 2013 full year results in March 2014 Bango announced an excellent start to the current year. Bango is pleased with the continued progress of the business, key customers and with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Bango has signed agreements to provide mobile payments for the majority of the world’s leading app stores, including BlackBerry World, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, Firefox Marketplace, Amazon and Facebook. Bango’s focus is now on increasing the number of MNOs integrated into the Bango Platform for operator billing, so that its app store partners can bill more of their customers through Bango’s expanding global network. Bango has made significant progress with a number of Google Play and other integrations and will update the market further when appropriate.

Click here to read more

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Advisory: Beware of boiler room scams

Several Bango investors have reported receiving unexpected calls offering to buy or sell their shares in a way that promises a huge return.

These are likely to be from boiler room fraudsters.

If you are unaware of this type of fraud, and are approached by a cold caller, please read

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2013 Annual Report and Notice of AGM

Click here to download the Bango Annual Report 2013, click here for the Notice of Annual General Meeting and here for the associated form of proxy.

Click here to order a printed copy of the Bango 2013 Annual Report.

The Bango AGM will be held at 2pm on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 at the offices of Bango, 5 Westbrook Centre, Cambridge, CB4 1YG.

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Reported accusations against Bango customer

It has been reported that a US based class action lawyer has filed a complaint against CNN. The complaint reportedly accuses CNN of violation of the US Video Privacy Protection Act and appears to imply that Bango sells information to advertisers.

Bango has not yet been approached about this matter. From reading the reports, we believe that the plaintiff may be mistaken about Bango’s activity. Bango takes great care to secure all information for its customers. Bango provides payment services and also analytics services for its customers who are mobile network operators, major app stores and large content providers.  Bango does not sell or supply personal information to advertisers.

Bango believes that it is on solid ground and operates “best practice” regarding privacy and security.   We will update the market if there are any significant developments in this case relating to Bango.

We do not comment on legal matters between our customers and third parties.

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