2013 Annual Report and Notice of AGM

Click here to download the Bango Annual Report 2013, click here for the Notice of Annual General Meeting and here for the associated form of proxy.

Click here to order a printed copy of the Bango 2013 Annual Report.

The Bango AGM will be held at 2pm on Wednesday, 28 May 2014 at the offices of Bango, 5 Westbrook Centre, Cambridge, CB4 1YG.

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Reported accusations against Bango customer

It has been reported that a US based class action lawyer has filed a complaint against CNN. The complaint reportedly accuses CNN of violation of the US Video Privacy Protection Act and appears to imply that Bango sells information to advertisers.

Bango has not yet been approached about this matter. From reading the reports, we believe that the plaintiff may be mistaken about Bango’s activity. Bango takes great care to secure all information for its customers. Bango provides payment services and also analytics services for its customers who are mobile network operators, major app stores and large content providers.  Bango does not sell or supply personal information to advertisers.

Bango believes that it is on solid ground and operates “best practice” regarding privacy and security.   We will update the market if there are any significant developments in this case relating to Bango.

We do not comment on legal matters between our customers and third parties.

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Announcement: Launch of New Product ‘Bango Dashboard’

Bango today announces at Apps World in San Francisco, its latest product innovation: Bango Dashboard.

This entirely new product leverages capabilities from Bango’s analytics technology. It provides Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) a three dimensional view of their subscribers’ digital content purchases, across the world’s largest app stores.

Bango Dashboard leverages proven mobile analytics technology to provide scale and speed of reporting. It provides operators with precise insight into digital content sales across all of their app stores, including exact details about products sold and the customers purchasing them. The degree by which data is exposed can be controlled by the app store, through a Disclosure Control feature.

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Bango shortlisted by Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards

Grant Thornton Quoted Companies Awards 2013 - Finance DirectorWe’re proud to announce that our very own Gerry Tucker, CFO of Bango, has been nominated in the category of Financial Director of the Year at the Grant Thornton Quoted Company Awards, due to be announced on 29th January 2014 at London’s Natural History Museum.

Gerry joined the team in November 2012, an exciting time in Bango’s development as we forge ahead with expanding our key partners, including Facebook, BlackBerry and Google Play, and their connections with mobile network operators across the globe.
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Premium SMS vs Direct Operator Billing

Direct Operator Billing vs Premium SMSBango has always focused on Direct Operator Billing – and avoided the use of Premium SMS (PSMS). PSMS has a potential for poor user experiences and does not provide the security and auditability of payment processing that is required by the larger and more reputable brands.

There is a great whitepaper available for free download here about the crucial differences between these payment methods.

During 2008-2010 the UK mobile operators started to move away from PSMS towards Direct Operator Billing. The same process was followed in Germany in 2013.

Last week the US mobile operators announced that they too would move – very quickly – away from Premium SMS.

The leading app stores powered by Bango, have already made the decision to back the consumer friendly solution – Direct Operator Billing.

We expect that the moves in UK, Germany and USA will eventually spread across the globe to mandate Direct Operator Billing, with its consumer protections and great user experience as its natural successor.

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New Bango.com website

Bango is delighted to announce a major upgrade of its website at www.bango.com

The new site provides information, news, case studies and product information.  It presents Bango’s industry leading  capabilities with new structure that better reflects the way that the industry leaders see Bango.

The site has a fresh clean look, more easily used from tablets and mobiles, and is fully integrated into the Bango support systems, management tools, knowledge-base and investor site.New Bango.com for 2014

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Announcement: Business Update

Continued momentum with additional Google Play launches and geographic & platform expansion

Bango is pleased to provide an update on the progress of its business.

Integrations with the Bango Platform

Google Play
In September 2013, Bango announced in its Interim Results statement that Google Play daily end user spend entered the top three of Bango’s end user spend sources with its first and sole live connection. Bango also noted that it expected other Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to become active in the coming months. Bango is now pleased to be able to announce the integration with Rogers Communications and Fido, mobile wireless providers in Canada, with Google Play is now live.

A staged rollout is in progress and transaction volumes are growing. Bango currently expects to integrate at least five further operators with Google Play. These integrations have been agreed and are expected to become active in the coming months, in each case subject to successful completion of testing.

This indicates significant progress for Bango in its plan to integrate operators into Google Play, building on the success of the integration for Telstra in Australia in December 2012.

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