PERL report: Key features of the Bango business model

A recent report, ‘Well positioned for future growth’, from Progressive Equity Research, describes key features of the Bango business model. Building on the previous report, ‘The Mobile App Store Marketplace: Direct Carrier Billing’, this focuses on the key strengths of the Bango business model.

The findings of this report, which outlines the underlying business model, include:

  • How Bango is strongly positioned in the market, through a rich product set and global partnerships
  • The Key Performance Indicators that demonstrate operational momentum
  • How high scalability and high operating leverage of the Bango Payment Platform provide good headroom for the growth
  • Key points that put Bango in a solid financial position to achieve profitability

“In summary, the company offers an attractive combination of a growing market backdrop, strong market positioning, positive operational momentum and a business platform with good headroom for growth. This is all underpinned by a strong financial position.” Progressive Equity Research Limited (“PERL”), 2016.

Click here to download the report.


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