How do Boku and Zong systems differ from Bango Payment?

Boku and Zong are systems that allow users of PC browser based applications to place charges to their phone bills – sometimes called “Bill to my Mobile Number”.

Bango is focussed on collecting payments from applications running on a mobile device – typically with a mobile operator connection from that device.

Bango technology and our direct carrier relationships enable us to provide a superior user experience which delivers more sales.

Here is a slide which shows (in a “gamer friendly way”) why Bango is better on mobile:

Why Bango delivers more sales and happier users

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3 Responses to How do Boku and Zong systems differ from Bango Payment?

  1. Oliver Abrahams says:

    I’d be interested to see how this actually works. Is the customer playing the game on a device (xbox or ps3) or are they playing the game on a 3g connected device?

  2. rayand says:

    In this case, the scenario is that the user is most likely on a smartphone connected by either their mobile operator / carrier or by a WiFi connection.

    On a PS3 or Wii, carrier billing might not be available.

  3. dsfdsf says:

    utter bullshit….both Boku and Zong offer APIs/Android SDKs for in-app billing and so you would never have to go out of the app.

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