How do Boku and Zong systems differ from Bango Payment?

Boku and Zong are systems that allow users of PC browser based applications to place charges to their phone bills – sometimes called “Bill to my Mobile Number”.

Bango is focussed on collecting payments from applications running on a mobile device – typically with a mobile operator connection from that device.

Bango technology and our direct carrier relationships enable us to provide a superior user experience which delivers more sales.

Here is a slide which shows (in a “gamer friendly way”) why Bango is better on mobile:

Why Bango delivers more sales and happier users

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6 Responses to How do Boku and Zong systems differ from Bango Payment?

  1. Oliver Abrahams says:

    I’d be interested to see how this actually works. Is the customer playing the game on a device (xbox or ps3) or are they playing the game on a 3g connected device?

  2. rayand says:

    In this case, the scenario is that the user is most likely on a smartphone connected by either their mobile operator / carrier or by a WiFi connection.

    On a PS3 or Wii, carrier billing might not be available.

  3. dsfdsf says:

    utter bullshit….both Boku and Zong offer APIs/Android SDKs for in-app billing and so you would never have to go out of the app.

    • Sukey Miller says:

      Thank you for your comments. However, as described, the example shown refers to payments made on a mobile phone through a website rather than from a PC or within an app – this reflects the HTML5 focus of leading internet brands such as Google and Facebook. However, within apps those payment companies still required text messages to be sent, although they automate that task where possible. But the use of text messages still mandates confirmation of SMS receipt before payment can be confirmed. In contrast Bango uses direct carrier relationships to both establish customer authentication and process payments across a wide range of carriers. I hope that helps clarify the difference.

  4. Greg Kawere says:

    Where does one start, technically, in building a carrier billing platform such as Boku or Bango? What are the key applications that need to be built? I know there is a very important business aspect, i.e. partnerships but I am only interested in the technical path to building a carrier billing platform. I feel like most of these existent players have been taking a flawed approach.

    • rayand says:

      Core elements to the design must be security – you will be given very private and sensitive information – and flexibility – there are many different payment platforms you will need to connect to. Bango is now on effectively a 4th generation platform – evolved over 12 years – so its not easy!

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